This website supported the community struggle to maintain the Mayfield Swimming Centre from 2007, when Newcastle City Council first proposed to close it, until 2013, when its future was secured through a long-term management contract with a private operator.

This site is no longer actively maintained, but it is preserved here in legacy, as a history of the events as they unfolded around Mayfield Pool, and to document this example of a successful grassroots community campaign.

Mayfield Pool Documents

Over several years, the Save Mayfield Swimming Pool Campaign (SMSPC) has generated a range of documents, many of them formally submitted to Council.

We have also collected over the years, several documents from other sources that have direct relevance to the history and operations of Mayfield Pool.

This page provides access to all of these documents in PDF format, archived together to facilitate the involvement of the community in our campaign and provide a public reference of the conversation so far.  All tables are arranged in reverse order, with most recent documents at the top.

Submissions to Council

These documents have been formally submitted or presented to Newcastle City Council over the course of our campaign.  Most of them are aimed at contributing to the discussion surrounding the ongoing management of the pools, and suggesting ways to improve them and increase patronage.

Title Released Description
Entry Pricing Of Inland Pools Jun-2013 SMSPC submission to council in response to Draft Delivery Plan 2013-17. Identifies a range of issues with current pricing policy and recommends an initiative that will improve equity of service delivery and allow more efficent operation of inland pools.
Impact On Revenue of 2011/12 Price Increases Apr-2012 Analysis of attendance and revenue figures suggests that steep price hikes for the season have caused a loss of revenue.
Request for Information on Pools and Facilities Nov-2011 SMSPC makes a formal request for specific operational data relating to inland pools and other council facilities.
Public Voice Presentation Slides
Public Voice Presentation Text
Jun-2011 SMSPC presents an update to council on the progress that has been made since 2007, and the next steps that need to be taken.
Mayfield Swimming Pool Signage Proposal Apr-2011 SMSPC makes the case for improved signage in front of the pool, and from arterial roads.
Mayfield Swimming Pool Kiosk Proposal May-2010 SMSPC makes the case for a public facing counter in the kiosk at Mayfield to increase revenue and promote the pool.
Submission On Pool Service Delivery Model 2007 Oct-2007 In response to the threatened closure of Mayfield Pool in 2007, the newly formed SMSPC submitted this formal response to Newcastle City Council.

Public Statements

These documents have been prepared as press releases or speeches for a general public audience, to inform and engage the community, promote discussion on the management of our pools, and present fresh perspectives on these important community assets.

Title Released Description
Give Us A Swimming Pool We Can Afford Sep-2012 To commemorate the start of the 2012/13 swimmming season, a reflection on the impact of our inland pool entry prices, and how NCC's approach compares with other councils in Australia and overseas.
Free Pools Make Business Sense Aug-2012 As a contribution to the pre-election discussions over free entry for inlands pools, this paper examines the sound financial basis for the exercise and the high returns possible from a free entry policy.

Election Campaigns

At each of the last two Council Elections (2012 and 2007) we surveyed candidate to ascertain their attitude towards our inland pools and their managements. These documents present our findings.

Title Released Description
Survey Questions for Council Elections 2012
Mayoral Responses for Council Elections 2012
Ward 1 Responses for Council Elections 2012
Ward 2 Responses for Council Elections 2012
Ward 3 Responses for Council Elections 2012
Ward 4 Responses for Council Elections 2012
Aug-2012 Survey presented to all council candidates for the September 2012 elections. Responses are summarised separately for the Mayoral and the various Ward races.
Responses from Mayoral/Ward 1 Candidates 2008
Responses from All Leading Candidates 2008
Sep-2008 Summary of survey responses from candidates in the September 2008 elections. Responses from all Mayoral and Ward 1 candidates are presented on the first sheet. Responses from leading candidates in all wards are presented on the second sheet.

Third Party Documents

Many people and institutions have also contributed the conversation around Mayfield Pool over the years. Their work is reproduced here with permission.

Title Released Description
Is Mayfield Pool saved yet? Community assets and their contingent, discursive foundations Jul-2013 Article by Tom Griffiths et al in the Community Development Journal, which analyses the ongoing community campaign to 'save' Mayfield Swimming Pool in Newcastle.
The Social and Community Benefits of Mayfield Swimming Pool May-2011 Report prepared by Kimberley Bell, Project Management and Placement, University of Newcastle, outlining the health and social benefits that community swimming pools have.
Newcastle City Council Pool Service Delivery Model Oct-2007 Many submissions were made to NCC from individual community members when the PSDM proposed closing Mayfield Pool. Here is one such example by Bill Robertson.
The Mayfield Olympic Swimming Pool Sep-2007 Slide show prepared by Gionni di Gravio, Archivist at the University of Newcastle, covering the history of the bequeathing and construction of the pool and its connection to Shelly Beach in Mayfield which was given to BHP.

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